1. They are growing so fast.
  2. They are constantly learning new things!
  3. Babies are cute!!
  4. They are great for gifts for parents and grandparents!! 
  5. You won’t get this time back.
  6. The world is changing.
  7. You won’t regret it if you do it. You could regret not doing it.
  8. Becoming a parent is life changing. 
  9. Encourages you to print out the pictures and not just keep them on your phone.
  10. They will be grateful when they are older. 
  11. Ever look at your baby and think, how did you get this big? Yeah, that is why you should do pictures. That way you can document all of those moments in-between them changing. One day, you will look over and see a big kid sitting next to you. Time just does not slow down!! No matter how hard we try.