Hi, I am Tiffany.

I'm a lover of Mediterranean food! Feta anyone? Second, is definitely TACOS! I'm also a believer that life goes way too quickly. It seems like life is constantly flying by. I am a Mama to four kiddos. They range from 12 down to 5. I am quickly learning that each age is my favorite. I remember when they were newborns sleeping on my chest. Thinking every day was the LONGEST. That is a type of sleepiness that I haven't experienced since my babies, were babies. I have set a goal to provide a safe spot for Mama's and their babies. I am a Newborn Photographer, because I LOVE babies. I love keeping them safe, capturing their details, and seeing their personality from when they are wee little ones. But, I love loving on Mamas too. I love being a comfort spot for Moms. I love hearing all about how their pregnancy, labor, delivery, nursing, sleeping, and everything in between. I love being a friend to my clients. I LOVE celebrating when your family has a victory. I love seeing my clients year after year. I truly love them as if they are my own children!

I am completely goofy. I love to laugh and have a good time. I am super smiley. I LOVE coffee if it doesn't taste like coffee, however I only started drinking it after my 4th baby was born! I traveled a lot when I was younger. I have seen the Pyramids and floated in the Dead Sea. I have been to more countries overseas than I have been to States in the United States. Traveling as a kid has made me see beauty in what is around me. That is my reason why. I want to capture these moments, just the way they are. I want to freeze time. Spending time, documenting your babies, getting you IN the pictures with your babies, AND getting those cozy moments with your husband. I want to stop and catch that light as it peeks around the curvature of your round belly, growing a baby. But, I don't want that to be the end. I want to grow with your family. I want to grow from those first moments and as you babies get ready for college. I want to document it all. I tell my clients, that my goal is not to be a photographer for one session. My goal is to do life together.

This photography journey has definitely been a curved road. I started taking pictures of my babies almost 12 years ago. Then decided to go back to college. I ended up getting my Master's in Organizational Leadership. It was an amazing program, but the thing that it taught me the most. Was that I missed loving on babies, mama's and families. I missed seeing toddlers belly laugh. I missed posing teeny tiny babies. I missed talking to mom's and making new friends. I missed being recognized in the community when a little one would run up and give me a hug.

I am so glad that you are here! You are here because you are looking for a photographer. But, I hope you walk away with so much more!


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