These are some of my absolute favorite sessions!

Your baby is growing.

And they are changing so stinking fast! It seems like we blink and our tiny newborn has changed into a baby who can track where we are going, laugh at us being silly and attempting to roll over. Their world is an environment that needs to be explored. And I am here to document all of that for you.

My milestone sessions are typically done every three months, The first milestone that I typically will document is when they are just 3-4 months and giving such huge gummy smiles. The next milestone that we can document when they are starting to sit up unassisted, around 6 months old. The next milestone is typically done when they are around 9 months old. The next milestone is their 1st birthday! Wow does it seems that babies change so fast in that first year! They start off completely reliant on us, and turning into a toddler wanting to walk, run, starting to talk and exploring everything! In the studio, to celebrate your little one turning ONE, we can do different setups to celebrate your sweet baby! From balloons and cake, to portraits and splash sessions. The options are endless!

Milestones don't stop at just the first year. Come in and celebrate your child when they have a birthday, or quarterly to see just how much they have changed! I can't wait to spend time with your family!

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