So your kiddo doesn't like pictures.

I often hear this about toddlers. And, I totally get it. It typically hits around that 18 month mark. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later. But kiddos have discovered their INDEPENDENCE! They are ready to run, explore, and do not want some shiny black thing (camera) in their face. They do not want to be held (unless it is their decision, and then it is an immediate MUST), and really, well, don't know what they want.

Does this sound familiar?

It does to me. I have four kiddos. And, goodness. Pictures with toddlers can be exhausting for parents. That is where I come in. We have fun. I promise. Even the kiddos that are up past their bedtimes, think they need ALL of the snacks, and are not happy about their parent's life decisions at that point, can be captured wonderfully.

When you book a session, I help give a ton of tips for those early toddler years. From prepping throughout the day, extra snacks and picking a location that might be enjoyable for them. It all goes into helping create an enjoyable experience for all. And, if for some reason they are still not loving it. We cut the time short, I make sure to get all of the images that we would want early on, so if we do have to cut it short, you have a gallery full.

I never want clients to walk away and feel defeated. So, it is one of my top priorities to make you feel relaxed and enjoy our time together.

Together, we will capture them and create beautiful art for your family.

My top tip for parents with little ones. Trust the process, because it is the in-between moments that can be a favorite.

The cuddles, the holding of a lovie, and the family dance parties, that bring the most joy, and emotive pictures.

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