Something new is coming!!

I am SO excited when families come to me.

Whether it is a brand-new newborn, or a family session.

My heart just wants to burst, when I hear that someone has told you about me. I truly LOVE what I am doing. I love snuggling little babies. I love visiting you in the hospital for a Fresh 48. I love seeing your babies grow during milestone sessions. Or seeing your 1 year old, smear cake everywhere. I love chasing toddlers. I love capturing mom and dad together. I love seeing how your babies are growing (yes, even your 11 is still a baby). I love when kiddos see me out and about. You see. I love EVERYTHING about spending time with families. Some of my favorite moments though, are when I hear the way that you found ME. Did you find me on social media? Did you stumble upon my website? Did a close friend or co-worker tell you about me? Word of mouth, is such a valuable part of my business. It is the transition from clients to friends. It takes this business to a depth that I couldn't have imagined. It means you trust me. It means that you enjoyed our time together. It means that you loved your images. That is the whole core of everything that I do. Not just for the pictures, but to be a support system for families. I want to support Mama's. I want to encourage your babies. I want to deliver images that you want to hang up on your walls.

When you tell your friends and family about me, it means that I am doing something right. I am forever grateful for those moments.

That being said. I want to THANK YOU.

I have offered referrals for awhile. But, honestly. I don't feel that it is enough. I want to offer more. I want to offer a NEW referral program. A program that will benefit EVERYONE!

Here is how things are going to work. I am going to be doing a point's system. And EVERYONE WINS! But what do you win? I am sure you are wondering! You will WIN a COMPLEMENTARY SESSION. That's right. Completely. Free. Here is how.

Book a family session: 1 point.

Book a newborn session: 3 points.

Refer a friend for a family session (they have to book): 1 point.

Refer a friend for a newborn session (they have to book): 3 points.

Get to 15 points and you get... A COMPLIMENTARY session!

Here is what is also different. Haven't booked a session, that is alright too. (I hope you do). But, refer your friends and family to me and have them use your name, you can STILL earn a FREE session!

I can't wait to see the names that start coming in because of the referrals! Keep earning FREE sessions!! Remember, tell them to use your name so you get points!!

I can't wait to spend time with YOUR family,