When a client decides they want to book a session with just them and their babies, you jump at the opportunity. I did Mama and Me's with these two kiddos, and Dad loved the images so much he decided he wanted to do some too. I traveled to Zionsville, Indiana and we captured these dreamy Daddy and Me's. Sweet baby girl was cuddly with her Dad, while big brother had a stick sword fight. This is why we do life together. Capturing your kiddos just as they are, right now. Freezing time so that you can look back and see all of thee fun that you have together. You will not regret getting the pictures, but you will regret the ones that you don't have. The what ifs, the wish I would haves. I'm here to stop those moments, and help create so many more.

For our session, we wanted something comfortable for the kiddos, and used the environment to create magic. This beautiful property did just that. I see it big in Daddy's office. That way he too can look back and remember the fun he had with his kiddos. Don't hesitate to book the session. We can do whatever works for your family so that your kids are comfy. Bare feet and running through grass, I can't think of much better. Because, let's face it. Tiny baby feet are really sweet.

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